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Religion & Theology
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What have you learned? And how does having taken this class impact your original faith biography? (Essay Sample)


To look INto the aspects of religion learned in class and the impact it has had on the student's faith.


What Have You Learned? And How Does Having Taken This Class Impact Your Original Faith Biography?
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What have you learned? And How Does Having Taken This Class Impact Your Original Faith Biography?
This class has put so much information on religion out there. I have learned that different kinds of religions have very different ways and approaches. I got a sense of understanding of faith and God. Humanity became very clear since I could understand how the supernatural world and the human world all collaborate. It has been a journey to see what faith is and how religion works in everyone. The topics in this class make religion seem vast, which something we ignore most times. Different religions each have significance in life, which is something no one would really without understanding religion.
My faith was based upon the Christian religion, which has so many interesting facts to it. It is one of the oldest religions to exist on earth. It started from the building of the Catholic Church by the apostles after Jesus Christ's death and resurrection. The first leader of this church was the disciple Simon Peter. He was known as the first pope of the church. It was the only existing church in Europe, and it is the only one that believed in Jesus Christ. Some divine people would lead the Christians in mass who were known as priests. Priests were to always work under the pope himself (Brecht, 2009). The Christians used the Bible as their sacred scripture. The Bible was originally written in Greek, and therefore, it had to be translated to Latin so that it could be read by all. The Bible would continue being translated into many languages, but that would be very many centuries later. The world, at this point, had just on the church, which was the Roman Catholic, but as we look now, the number of churches has increased. So where and when did the church schism occur?
The schism was a very big deal in the church. So many ideals that were practiced by the Catholics were left behind, thus making new churches all over the world. The schism was a long process that occurred mainly because of a priest named Luther started questioning the ways of worship in the Catholic Church. He wrote of the reforms that he thought would be perfect for the new church. His main reason for the reform in the church was the discrimination and the corruption that occurred there each time. One example was that the rich got their confession done first than those who were poor. This is because the rich could offer goods to the church, whereas the poor would have to borrow from the church. He did not want to create opposition in the church; however, he wanted the power to be given to the Bible and not to a supreme human head. He also wanted the figurines of Mary and the others to be removed as that was idol worship. His beliefs became so controversial that he was later excommunicated by the church.

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