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Premodern Jewish Life and The Modern Definition of "Religion" (Essay Sample)


The essay describes how the essential features of pre-modern Jewish life and the modern definition of "religion" do not fit together. The essay identifies and gives specific features and examples. The essay was guided by specific readings that helped me to deliver an essay within the indicated PARAMETERS.


Premodern Jewish Life and How the Modern Definition Of "Religion" Does Not Fit That Life
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Premodern Jewish Life and How the Modern Definition Of "Religion" Does Not Fit That Life
The changes in religion are one of the notable differences between premodern societies and contemporary society. According to Batnitzky, the premodern Jewish life does not fit into the modern definition of religion, which was championed by 19th century European Protestants. The novelty of the contemporary Jewish religion can be understood by focusing on the features of the premodern Jewish life. The fundamental aspect of organized Jewish life in the premodern era was the local Jewish communities. 

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