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Religion & Theology
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Creating an Independent and Unique Religion away from the Races (Essay Sample)


tHE ESSAY aimed at creating a unique religion


Creating an Independent and Unique Religion away from the Races
Creating an Independent and Unique Religion away from the Races
For centuries now, religion has been a core social aspect all over the world. It is progressively embedded in the heart of the people and passed down the generations. Most of the people, therefore, have a sense of sentimental attachment towards their religion. It should, however, be noted that there are several recognized religions globally. They have their independent doctrines and practices that separate them from other religions. Religions have distinct ways of life and are usually associated with a particular group of people. In a global worldview, religions are related to specific territories, where a majority of people from each of the regions are perceived to be practising the faith. With the growing times, the same areas are also seen to be inhabited by people from specific races. The association have therefore witnessed people subjecting racial segregations and seclusions towards particular races. In this regard, this document seeks to explore racism in religion and consequently establish a new and unique religion that is free of racial association.

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