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The facts about Truth Religion & Theology Essay Research (Essay Sample)


Aspects of Biblical truth the task is all about truth


Biblical Definition of Truth
Biblical Definition of Truth
Human beings occasionally strike their foot against the truth while many people pick themselves up and get off as if nothing has really happened. It’s however not easy to understand if anyone knows what truth is or whether truth is subject to human interpretation. A number of people currently think that truth can be related to situations whereby whatever is true in one circumstance may be untrue to others. This, therefore, means truth for an individual is not same for others. Then how can people understand what they should trust and how to live in the midst of relative truth?
Looking into the Bible two thousand years ago, Pontius Pilate asked Jesus Christ of Nazareth what the truth was regarding accusations against him by the Jewish authorities (Christian, 2015) Jesus did not respond and Pilate washed his hands as a sign of distancing himself from the accusations because he was unable to know the truth (John 18:37-38). Later in a prayer, Jesus answered this question. The night before Jesus was crucified, he made a deep-felt prayer to God in heaven for his followers, both for those he had as at that moment and for those who he would have in the future (John 17:17). In his prayer, he told God to fill the followers with the truth which is His word.

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