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Historical Relationship Between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Essay (Essay Sample)


Historical Relationship Between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam


Historical Relationship Between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
Historical Relationship Between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
Religion is a vast subject, just as there are billions of believers in the world. Amongst the major denominations includes Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (Johnstone, 2015). Given that they claim a common ancestry from Abraham, the religions share similarities and differences in terms of geographical history, religious books, the nature of God, clergies, and houses of worship. Recent regional developments through globalization have significantly revolutionized how the Jews, Christians, and Muslims traditionally associate with each other.
Judaism, Islam, and Christianity are collectively known as Abrahamic religions because they trace their ancestry to the covenant God made with Abraham in the Hebrew Bible. His significance in the three religions is that he is the father of faith, who first believed there is one God without questioning (Hackett & Mcclendon, 2017). Nevertheless, for the Jews and Christians, the connection comes through his son Isaac, while the Muslims claim attachment via Ishmael, also his son. While his contemporaries worshipped idols, Abraham believed in one God, thus explaining why he is a popular figure in the Jews, Muslim, and Christian monotheist religions.

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