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Spiritual Concept Analysis Religion & Theology Essay (Essay Sample)


The task was to discuss a spiritual concept analysis, that is, hospitality
The sample is Focused on hospitality


Spiritual Concept Analysis
Currently across the world, the healthcare field including many societal industries largely focuses on how to improve their hospitality to its clientele. Improving hospitality to these industries improves their service quality and delivery which is a key metric in service industries. Poor hospitality in these industries translate to poor services and losses and other problems like bad brand reputation among others while the good hospitality builds the brand, captures bigger market share and translates to higher profits. Humans are predisposed to appreciate hospitality because they are naturally social beings and want to feel respected and wanted. Hospitality is permeating more industries and has become an important metric. For example, Hospital services traditionally were designed to provide services related to healing the sick and they paid little attention to the hospitality of the patients. However, lately the tide has turned and many hospitals are forced to enwrap their services with good hospitality. HCAPS is the most pivotal tool for the quality of hospital service. To attain a high HCAPS score, each medical facility pays close attention to the areas that are key determinants of hospitality.

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