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Why are more and more people becoming Atheists Religion Essay (Essay Sample)


in 60 minutes, write a 275 word essay on why more and more people are becoming atheists. Use apa style.


People Becoming Atheists
Mudiwa Bwanya
Institutional Affiliation
People Becoming Atheists
Organized religion's impact is declining and recent trends show an increase in the number of individuals abandoning their religious views. People are becoming atheists because of improved education and desire for independence.
People are becoming atheists due to education becoming more easily accessible. Educated individuals are more capable of rational thought. As a result, they subject religious teachers ' claims to a more intense skeptical examination. This is more like older kids wondering how a fat person can navigate a 9-inch chimney flue, reappearing magically next to the Christmas tree with three-dimensional packages of more than one foot (Barber, 2014). Older kids associate these absurdities with a pattern of parents ' suspicious movements and draw the inevitable conclusion that Santa Clause is a charade perpetrated on kids by parents. Younger children are more confident and less skeptical (Barber, 2014). Using the above example, we can replace age with level of education. The more educated an individual gets, the more they think critically about their religious beliefs. In some cases, some individuals end up becoming atheists.

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