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Spirituality and bible correlation. Religion & Theology Essay (Essay Sample)


to give the relationship between the bible and spirituality. how do human spirit relate to the BIBLE


Spirituality may have a biological correlate
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Spirituality has evolved and expanded, with mix concept of explanations. Yes, it is a broad concept with different dimensions of view. But in general, spirituality includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, which involves life. Have you ever told a person that he or she is spiritual? This may mean that the person may not be associated with materialistic or superficial. Being spiritual may mean having an attachment to religious values or maters of the spirit(Hereford 2009).
The question is whether spirituality has a biological correlation. Let’s discuss spirituality and life. Life is biological. As we know components of life or what makes life is biological. When our body or state of mind is not at peace, then our spirit is affected too. Each of the components must be in harmony with each other, and this shows that spatiality has something to do with life. According to research, there is a relationship between spirituality, physical, and mental health outcome of a person. Most people who struggle with life-threatening and chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes are at risk of committing suicide due to depression. They wonder if life continues to be worth living. (Fishbone 1996).
Many, turn to spirituality as a way of dealing with pain. Spiritually gives an individual a feeling of attachment to God or any other supernatural powers. (Len hart 1994). This indicates that religion and spirituality have a correlation which reduces the pain scores to an individual and improve the personal feeling. Although spirituality has been used as a strategy, it has not been understood if it has something to do with mental health or even physical health. Does spirituality have anything to do with the quality of life? Since the research has shown that many people with chronic ailment always go spiritual to cope with the situation, then spirituality is indeed in correlated with life. Spiritually is associated with the religion and also it helps keep us healthy since the spiritual involvedness is associated with God thus may influence the course and outcome of illness. Religion is associated with better recovery. The research shows that many patients prefer spiritual intervention in some illness which they believe can give them a better cure (Dew &lee 1995).
Research done among the patients who have undergone a heart transplant shows that there is a reduced mortality rate following cardiac surgeries (Oxman, 1995). The same findings have also been associated with women who have breast cancer. Tolerance of pain and high life quality is believed to be due to spiritually attachment which is associated with religion.

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