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The Gospel and human flourishing Religion & Theology Essay (Essay Sample)


An essay about The Gospel, Human Flourishing and the Foundation of Social Order


The Gospel, Human Flourishing and the Foundation of Social Order
News of rapid societal transformation have headlined over the past few years. This has been as a result of years of accumulated moral mutiny. Supreme Court decisions as well as events in Charleston, Dallas and Baltimore elicit a predictable course in America’s direction. This is because public conscience has been secularized by moral revolutionaries. The omnipresent media has a myriad of confusing voices that smother the churches prophetic voice to the extent of confusing even the elect on economic, social and political matters alike. A reigning stereotypical rhetoric is that the economically empowered obtain their wealth through craft, avarice, and extortion, even from the devil. This paper discusses human flourishing in light of God’s Word (the gospel) and aims at destroying the emotional and undisciplined arguments that have surrounded the topic for ages. In a nutshell, this paper presents human flourishing in view of what the scriptures have to say.

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