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Incarnation of Christ Response Religion & Theology Essay (Essay Sample)


Powell states, “The doctrine of incarnation teaches that in Jesus Christ, God has assumed human nature in its concrete, historical reality (p. 335).” The case discusses the dual nature of Christ.
What does it mean to be fully human and fully God? What are your understanding of the incarnation of Jesus as a historical event and theological truth? In what way does the incarnation affect our salvation? Please provide a 2-4 paragraph response.
Submit the completed response to your facilitator as an attachment in the dropbox titled Incarnation of Christ Response. Responses are not expected to be formatted in the APA style unless otherwise noted from your facilitator; however, citations should be presented in APA format.


The Incarnation of Christ Response
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The Incarnation of Christ Response
The incarnation of Christ response teaches that Jesus Christ, God assumed human nature fully as well as divine nature. Jesus, therefore, had a dual nature. Jesus Christ was both God and fully human, both with a different meaning. In regards, there view about the incarnation of Jesus as a historical event, and there is the theological truth. The embodiment of Jesus Christ also affects our salvation in different perspectives as the following paper will discuss.
Jesus Christ is known to have both human and God’s nature. A woman gives birth to a body and soul unity. Jesus Christ was born of a woman, meaning He had the combination of body and soul unity. Although Jesus was not conceived like any other human being, He existed amongst man and functioned, just like other human beings (Hogan, 2012). Jesus' birth is an indication He came to earth in the form of a human being. Jesus also had a divine nature.

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