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The Prophets Teachings (Essay Sample)


An analysis of how the prophets in the Bible addressed social injustice,religious ritualism and idolatry.The sample focuses on how then prophets in the old testament addressed these issues.


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Some of the most influential people in the Old Testament were the prophets. They were inspired by the power of the Holy Spirit and were GOD chosen spiritual leaders on earth. They preached the gospel and warned people to turn away from their evil ways. The work of the prophets was to ensure that GOD’S word was spoken to the world and people prepared for the coming of Jesus Christ. They made prophesies that people doubted but later turned out to be true. The people were, however, stubborn and not ready to listen to the words of the prophets. Some of them even had to seek refuge in other areas since they had been threatened by those who did not believe in GOD. They faced opposition from the false prophets who worshiped idols and did not believe in the existence of the supreme GOD. Kings and other leader also sought the guidance of the prophets when the people became stubborn or face any calamities.
There were three main that all the prophets talked about and strongly rebuked; idolatry, religious ritualism and social injustice were the key evils that faced the people in the Old Testament .Most of the teachings by the prophets were intended to rebuke this evil and ensure that people turned to GOD. The children of Israel had made a covenant with GOD; however, their sinful life led them into breaking the covenant. One of the most vocal prophets who addressed idolatry was prophet Ezekiel; GOD took prophet Ezekiel round the temple and showed him the idolatry that was taking place in Judah. GOD told Ezekiel that He would not forgive the people if they continued worshiping idols. GOD spoke to Ezekiel and asked him to preach and prophesy against idolatry. The people had forsaken GOD and even in the temple there were drawings and paintings which the people worshiped, Ezekiel told them, what OD had said about idolatry; they did not listen to his words and the glory of GOD left the children of Israel. Today people continue worshiping other gods. People are worshiping their money and them earthly possessions and forgetting that all things belong to GOD. The church is no longer a place for true worship; it has been turned into a business Centre. There are people who make sacrifices to the devil with others forming cults and worship idols. Micah also a prophet in the Old Testament addressed idolatry by prophesying the destruction of Samaria. He rebuked the people of Samaria for their idol worship; there were many prostitutes in Samaria, and the money that got from prostitution was used to buy idols. The young people in the modern world have turned into an indirect form of idol worship whereby they worship their smartphones and have no time for GOD as they interact in the social media.
Prophets were called by for different roles by GOD, Amos who is referred as the prophet of social justice .Amos saw the gap that existed between the rich and the poor in a land where the rich did not mind about the welfare of those who are poor. In Amos 5:21, Amos tells the children of Israel that he hated their feasts, the rich feasted while the poor were suffering in hunger. Amos spent six month in northern Israel as he preached against the social injustice that was taking place (Sogin, 1987).Amos was concerned about how the rich acquired their wealth at the expense of the poor people. The rich were exploiting the poor to maintain their luxuries. During the rule of King Solomon, the Israelites had to work hard to maintain the status wealthy status of Israel. Through prophet Ahijah, Israel was which was one kingdom was divided into twelve tribes, Jeroboam was given ten tribes. The division of Israel from one kingdom to twelve tribes was due to the social injustice that was taking place when Israel was one kingdom. The Naboth vineyard during the period of Prophet Elijah was a key symbolism of social injustice Israel. King Ahab wanted to acquire more land and expand his estate; he tried to buy the land from Naboth, who refused to sell it.Jezebel plotted for the killing of Naboth so that the king would take over the vineyard. Elijah prophesied that dogs would lap on Ahab’s blood on the same place that Naboth’s blood was lapped. The prophesy applied to all the rich people who oppressed the poor so that they would gain more wealth. Micah also addressed social injustice in his prophecies; he described the rich and ruling class to be cannibals who feed on the flesh of the malnourished poor citizens (Wolf, 1981).Social injustice is evident in the modern society; many people are living below the poverty line while there are others who continue accumulating their wealth at the expense of the poor. Those in power acquire wealth corrupt ways while the ordinary citizens continue suffering in extreme poverty. Leadership has been left as a luxury for the rich; the rich government officials enact tough taxation policies which are oppressive to the poor citizens.
Religious Ritualism was a key another issue that prophets had to address in the Old Testament. Micah was the most vocal prophet who addressed the issue, in his teachings and proph...
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