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Research Why People Believe in Unscientific Theories (Essay Sample)


The Paper Attempts To Answer The Question Why People Are Willing To Buy Books Based On Unscientific Theories Put Forth By Self-proclaimed Experts.


Why do you think people are willing to buy books based on unscientific theories put forth by self-proclaimed experts?
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Why People Believe in Unscientific Theories
It is a norm for people to seek knowledge from sources based on unscientific theories put forth by self-proclaimed experts. The practice is common even among the pro-science, scientifically literate, and those who are skeptical in general. People go through different experiences in life from the moment they are born. These experiences coupled with the teachings they receive as they grow have a powerful influence on what people choose to believe and pursue.
The theories align with their philosophy and what they have been brought up to believe. What one is taught to be true or factual is often the basis of their choices. It is easy for them to accept anything that supports their beliefs. To such, they do not see the essence or need of scientific proof. Moreover, the general society not only allows non-scientific evidence but encourages it. For instance, a believer can argue that “75% of the population bear the same belief as me”. The logic is that one’s choice is supported by the majority, hence right.
They books offer the easy option to explaining what they do not understand. Even though there has been an advancement of human knowledge, science does not yet provide a complete understanding of life in general. Moreover, scientific knowledge is always partial and tentative: it keeps evolving in the form of theories. What is believed to the likely truth today will be entirely different tomorrow. For instance, for a long time, ...
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