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Christianity and Technology: How Technology Impacted Religion (Essay Sample)


the connection between religion and explains how technology has impacted religion

Christianity and Technology
Christianity and Technology
I support Varughese’s article on “Christianity and Technological Advance - The Astonishing Connection”. In a general view, the use of technology has various effects in the society today. These effects affect both the Christians and the non Christians.  It is, however, important to note that with its advantages such as making work easier, improving efficiency and effectiveness, and being cheap, technology also comes with threats such as poor health effects, political , economic, and social degradation to name but a few. For Christians, technology can only be used in instances where the creation and use of that technology are in line with the bible.
 For Christians, everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial. Therefore, as they use technology, Christian’s world view is in the sense that they use technology where necessary, but on condition that the making and using of that technology does not lead to breaking any of the laws stipulated in the bible. For instance a comparison between (Exodus 25: 10-27 New International Version) and (Exodus 32: 1-7) helps one to understand when and when not to use technology.
The verses mentioned above involve the creation of the Ark of the Covenant and the gold calf at Mount Sinai respectively. In both instances, the Israelites used some form of technology to come up with the two. Although the purpose for their creation was to aid in worshipping, the Ark of the Covenant aided them to worship God while the gold calf was an idol which the Israelites worshipped in place of God. In this case, use of technology to make an idle is a sin against God while use of technology to create the ark was a form of exalting God.
Exodus 20 and Mathew 5 towards the end advise Christians not to do anything that may displease God. In the same case, if they should not use any of the parts of their bodies to displease God, they should not also use any form of technology that displeases God.
Although the technology can be of great benefit in pleasing God, a challenge arises for many Christians as they may find themselves in the temptation to use the technology which initially pleased God, in other ways that do not please God (Brock, 2010). For instance, use of the internet is a common form of technology, however, as a Christian may use it to access Christian literature or to spread the word of God the temptation of one moving to other ungodly sites is usually so great making technology bad.
Some Christians fall into the temptation of using technology for other purposes rather than worshiping God. Although ...
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