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Religion & Theology
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Research and Describe Religious Beliefs Regarding Astrology (Essay Sample)


in this paper , I was asked to discuss whether I believe in fortune tellers, palm readers or generally, whether i believe in astrology.


Religious Beliefs Regarding Astrology
Do you believe in others fortune telling, such as palm reading or determining character by blood type, etc.?
The above mentioned are components of astrology which I neither believe of existence nor subscribe to. As a matter of fact, astrology is a run-down pseudo-scientific concept which couldn’t be more invaluable especially in the current era, characterized by modernization and spectacular scientific advancements in all fields.
It is further understood that humans are at an urgency to understand themselves and others; eagerly seeking to associate themselves with many concepts of this world which can enhance the understanding of their personality. Thus, it is factual to state that people are always in the quest to find or form an identity and elements such as palm reading or fortune telling would suffice such desperate souls. However, with the existence of astrology being for over some millennia tracing back to the four humors of Hippocrates, in the present period all astrology and Hippocrates are anachronistic residues whose only purpose is the creation of conflict with the prevailing and functioning human behavioral theories and archetypes.
Therefore, with the realization that celestial association influences the psychological well-being of a person, as sheer and blatant lies that are unfounded and absurd, I chose not...
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