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Impact Of Reading The Bible In My Life Research Paper (Essay Sample)


This is also an essay which has been allotted to me by my university and this was all about the religion.


The bible is the book that has made a great impact on my life, personality and way of thinking. The best thing that I like about the bible is that the book can be instrumental in changing one’s life and way of living. The book can be used as a guide to one’s life, a motivational instrument, a book of hope, wisdom and courage.
The most appalling thing about the bible apart from its content and its power to change ones life and thinking is the unity of the bible. This makes the bible a very special book and separates it from the other books around the world. Though the book has been written by only ten men and ten men with different personalities, but yet the book is in through unity. Further, the bible was not composed at the same time, but was written over a period of 1500 years and by as many as forty different authors involved in the writing of both the old and New Testament and surprisingly none of the authors were from the same educational, financial, cultural, national background, but yet the bible is in perfect unity. As a book by itself this part of the bible has made a great impact on me and I decided to focus on this precious book.
As an individual the bible help...
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