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Analysis of women's rights Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Analysis of women's rights


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Human interactions are complex social constructs that are built around various norms. The societal beliefs inspire a community towards diverse perspectives that give insight on their understanding of gender and its complexity. However, as populations evolve, changes occur that change the view of various aspects. The changes can be driven by the advancement of technology and change in the school of thought. Through the interview conducted, it is paramount to identify the social constructs that have been embedded in a given society. Also, sociological theories are evolving as communities expound their understanding. Therefore, through this article, analysis of the knowledge of technology, exclusion, intersectionality, and feminism in the interview shall be discussed.
* Technology
Technology plays a massive role in human society by enabling people to access information from all over the world. Having access to information provides people with the understanding required to make improvements to the current status quo. The respondent was aware of the impact of technology on women’s rights. Access to information through technological devices not only allows digital literacy but also connects people with a similar cause. For instance, the respondent mentioned the hashtag used to mobilize and create awareness of women’s rights in Afghanistan. In agreement, Anarbeava (2016), in their article, cited the importance of using YouTube to connect women to gurus who influence them through videos. Anarbeava (2016) pointed out that the YouTube forums created a place where women can express themselves and identify major problems facing their communities. Thus, through these forums, underrepresented women can have the freedom to communicate and interact with others. Such interactions create a sense of belonging and spark new ideas that can be used to make women’s rights change.
* Feminism
Feminism takes center stage alongside women’s rights issues. In the interview, the respondent understands the various conformations of feminism that work together to empower women. The respondent was aware of the multiple interactions and the role of men in establishing feminist beliefs. Due to this, feminism can work to either empower or emancipate women. It is paramount to identify the role of socialist feminists in fighting against the oppressive systems. According to Mann (2008), the feminist theories begun to make their footprint in 1960, when the world was engulfed in the Vietnam war. The war formed an ideal backdrop to lobby for socialist feminism through nation-centered and myopic attention as a national issue. Thus, feminism has played a vital role in enabling women to feel more empowered and that they can also hold positions of power in society. Through the interview, the emphasis of socialist feminism is paramount, and its impact is impervious.
* Exclusion
Despite the socialist feminism approach, women still feel that they are excluded from many vital positions in society. Notably, the exclusion is neither subjective nor limited to men against women. The exclusion can also occur where women are discriminated against by other women. However, as identified in the interview, transnational feminism has been used to enlighten and redeem other women. Through transnational feminism, women act as redeemers to reshape the politics of hegemonic imaginings. For instance, according to Mele (2000), the politicization of localized feminist convections creates a violation against paternalist factions. The disruption of the status quo creates a conflict of the theoretical activism among minority communities. Therefore, despite the continued efforts to wade off exclusion, the differences in race and other minority factors create an uphill task in achieving feminist goals. In the interview, the respondent was aware of the setback and identified it as a clash and failure to feminism.
* Intersectionality
Similar to exclusion, intersectionality is another facet of

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