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Sociological Analysis of Photo Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


take photographs and reflect on how they apply to, expose, or represent sociological concepts in our society. You must include three images in your project. The images you include can be candid photos of people, scenery, inanimate objects, animals, images from advertising and/or the internet, buildings, food, or anything that strikes you as relevant to sociological explanations and understanding. You may also wish to stage photos, although my experience is that candid photographs are the most compelling.


Sociological Photo Analysis
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Sociological Photo Analysis
Firgure I. Dr. Marting Luther King Jr. (
lefttopIn class, we discussed the concept of sociological imagination that includes the ability to see things socially and how they influence and interact with each other. To engage sociological imagination, we construct our perceptions based on characteristics, including minority status, socio-economic status, and gender. The presented photo shows Dr. Martin Luther King that constructs different meanings and our social perception. The picture shows the race and gender stratification of Dr. King. He is an African American due to his skin color and of male gender based on the visual customs and traditions. According to functionalism theory, the social world is a dynamic system with interdependent and interrelated parts. Societies have social structures that are important in fulfilling wants and desires. From this perspective, the image shows that society is bounded and fundamentally relational to function like organisms, especially based on their different parts of gender and race working together in a quasi-automatic and unconscious toward attaining a holistic equilibrium.

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