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The Karl Marx's Critique Of The Capitalist Mode Of Production (Essay Sample)


the task is about mode of production as used by the capitalists

Karl Marx's critique of the capitalist mode of production Name Institution Introduction Karl Marx is one of the most famous economists in the world, one of the economists that proved that an ordinary layperson cannot live without struggle. According to Marx human is to work and for the work to be productive, it must have some hardworking. The Marx’s critique of the capitalist mode of production, he talks all about the nature of human beings, how humans play a role in the process of manufacturing and why they play the part. Humans can be used well and also on the other side can be used in a wrong way, the wrong way is alienation. No one wants to be alienated, and that's why Karl Marx takes this issue as a universal experience .humans is there to offer labor during the process of production, this will build a sharp critique of the capitalist mode of production. According to Karl Marx workers or humans become more and more miserable, and that’s the time when more wealth is produced. When the range of production increases, the power will always increase and henceforth the worker will become of no use since the or her work is over. The worker will end up getting a very cheap commodity whereas he or she has facilitated much in making of a more important product. According to Marx, this is the total alienation of humans, and also it's against the human rights. (Marx, 2016) A worker cannot work without food, food is one of the primary needs, he or she needs t o eat to increase the rate of work , humans are not machines , they get sick , they get hungry and lastly they get tired ,this is why they need food, need a rest and also some allowance to cater for their health .it has come to our realization that the labor that is offered by the humans appear to be no reality since the worker can even starve to death due to lack of food . This does not only happen in particular parts, but this also is a global issue, and according to Karl Marx, this is the total alienation of humans .some of this assumptions are very accurate, no one can expect a worker to work for 24 hours or even 20 hours without rest or food. Therefore a good strategy should be used so that all the people should be the same. In the process of production everyone has to be the same, no matter the rank of work, as a capitalist one must know the role which he or she plays. A worker can become an object and also can become a slave at the same time. People work to survive, workers have their families in which every day they have to take something for their families to eat .this makes the worker a double object, he or she as to be used as a physical object and also as an object of labor, according to Marx this is slavery , it's not right at all . The laws of political economy it evaluates that the more the worker works, the less he or she consumes, and also the more he or she strains to create, the more valueless he or she becomes. Karl Marx conceals the nature of labor as a direct relationship between the worker and the production process , if the worker is not there to offer the work, the production process will not take place .forced labor , this sounds more like slavery , but indeed yes its bondage , according to Karl a worker feels unhappy if he or she is told to do a job that he or she is not supposed to do, just because the work has no other work to do it .the worker has to work freely without any stress . A good job or a quality work will always come from a worker who works willingly and also free; this is because his or her mind is open the only focus is the work. One can work, but only if the mind is stable, a worker who is disturbed during work is most likely to have low work productivity because the brain is very connected to the work he or she is doing. If a worker is not concentrating on the action, there must be something that is disturbing him, maybe the health or either he or she is hungry. According to Karl human alienation will always start with the mind of the worker, the disturbed is a sign of stress in which according to the mode of production it’s not needed at all. An employer will always need the best from his or her worker, but the worker must also be treated in a way that he or she will feel comfortable to do the work he or she is instructed to do. The excellent relationship also must be needed at large; the worker must have the best relationship with the employer and even other workers. Worker relationships are one of the most important things that will lead to a good productivity .considering the fact that workers can be of different levels, some of them are treated like slaves while others who are highly ranked get the most favors. A worker having a family can have food, shelter and also money to cater for the health services, but he or she might tend to work or offer some labor in order to get extra cash to develop a particular project , hence when he or she is paid a low wage, it will not motivate him or her to work more ,it will make him feel that he or she is equal to an animal, because only animals are treated like that .both external and internal labor are all kind of labor, but depending on the number of workers the job can be divided into this two types .Marx says that " give all you have, to receive all you want." You can’t expect to get a lot when you are not working one must work hard to receive the intended part he or she plans. External labor can be one of the examples of human ali...
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