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Confidence and leadership (Essay Sample)

It discusses some underlying concepts in confidence and leadership besides relevant theories source..
Confidence in Leadership Name: Instructor: Course: Date: The ability of any individual to do things without any kind of doubt in leadership is termed as confidence. The confidence level can only be improved and not by setting rules that can be followed to develop it. While every person in leadership position is required to be having this quality amongst other interpersonal skills, it is important to note that confidence is achieved by self belief, well being, skills and experience amongst others. In many instances when persons are asked to perform in roles that are not theirs, they tend to be reluctant and very shy in performing it; this is because of lack of confidence. When persuaded to go ahead and perform it they find themselves in doing it without any problem since their morale and confidence is managed in a positive way. So in whichever way it is very right to make trials in finding the better remedy of managing those with less confidence in whatever things they do. The major objective of this particular research is to determine the theories of leadership and how they relate with confidence levels of an individual in leadership (Davis, 2006). Another important objective is to determine the level of confidence in the relationship with the set up of the work system of an organization. The influences of confidence in achieving the team work spirit and the junior-boss relationship. There are two basic theories that apply in the context of confidence as a leadership interpersonal skill. It includes the Theory X where many leaders always make an assumption that their followers are people who will never take their work seriously and thus they must always be supervised and directed to work. This kind of theory can only be avoided by leaders who are confident enough and those with strong self-confidence that can easily boost the morale of their followers (Winkler, 2010). Another theory is Theory Y where leaders always assume that there juniors will do the right thing at the right time. However, in fulfillment of these theories as used by leaders, many approaches apply in achieving them. The most important approach that closely correlates with the concept of confidence in leadership is the trait approaches. It helps in managing the self esteem, confidence, integrity and decisiveness of any leader who possesses them. Another major approach that supports the confidence level of any leader is the ability to complement his leadership style with behavioral approach which will enable his leadership ability to be focused so as to help in accomplishing his or her task on time (Winkler, 2010). The decision making of any leader is judged when he or she possesses stronger sense of contingency or situational approach. This will drive the leader’s sense of making quality decision that his or her followers can adhere to and accept. The normative model is easily applied in decision making therefore making leaders possess positive confidence in their undertakings. The styles of leadership may vary depending on how best they are able to apply it in both favorable and unfavorable situations. That leader who is considered best is the one who is able to set his task and give directives of following and fulfilling them. In his or her own undertakings the kind of relationship that a leader has should be able to capture his or her relation with others in a perfect way. The path goal theory makes a leader to have positive influence to his followers in a way that they feel motivated. It easily blends with the higher level of confidence in leadership thus resulting into directive, supportive and achievement oriented kind of leadership style. Taking roles in leadership becomes a better way of moving forward in managing confidence especially to leaders who find themselves in positions that they are unfamiliar with. The level of one’s confidence varies from various from one situation to the other and one person to the other. There are people who are very much comfortable in the company of one group than the other group or strangers (Hayes, 2002). This may be possible when there is no enough orientation is given in that particular situations so as to the levels of nervousness. When it is very much okay with some people especially at work situations, it is very much opposite when it comes to the social life when their level of confidence goes drastically down. In leadership it is always correct when the person in charge is able to maintain the equilibrium of being both optimistic and positive especially when faced with difficult situations and not to relent, although this very common in some people who find it uneasy to face challenges with full confidence . Many a times leaders find it very frustrating and embarrassing to address the public which is a basic function of any person in that position of leadership to have one on one with the public either when things are at ease or when things change to the difficult side. The confidence in doing this is not gained in a flash, but it requires adequate preparation and the kind of the base of experience that the person involved has. The best way to overcome this is to get away of controlling the anxiety fully without walking away from it. When any person involved in this can be able to diffuse any level of fear then there are higher probabilities of having full confidence. The most useful fact that should be known by any person is that even most confident people may be having that kind of nervousness deep within them and therefore it is not a crime, what matters is how any person can be able to control it. People are advised to understand that any person can feel insecure regardless of how strong or low he feels in terms of confidence level. This kind of nervousness is even experienced with those who are used to facing public in their day to day career life; they include actors, singers, and those media personalities. There are instances where a person may be fully prepared for any action that may require full confidence in performance, but when the real time comes they tend to be in less confidence but their control and technique takes over. This adequate preparation can easily help in managing people when they are faced with such situations. Never let the negative side of the confidence that is attributed by nervousness show itself and the only way possible is to stay positive and be in control so that the fear may disappear (Matthews, 2012). There are many researched ways that can be easily applied in managing confidence in leadership. These ways include the gain of control of oneself when performing their duty as leaders in various capacities. It is important when a person finds a trusted friend whom he can discuss his or her concern with; it becomes really necessary that when it becomes apparent that you will be facing difficulties when facing the whole situation in leadership. A...
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