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conflict communication (Essay Sample)


Describe the nature of conflict communication


Conflict Communication
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In a world that is constantly witnessing a high rate of human population growth, conflict is inevitable. Human beings are characterized by complexity, as each individual possesses his or her own feelings, opinions, points of view and emotions. As each of us tries to have our way, we end up obstructing or annoying others who feel left out; and this is the primary source of conflict. Conflict communication is basically the exchange of messages or information within a situation where two or more parties are in conflict with each other. Such communication can be either constructive or unproductive depending. The basic determinant here is how the parties approach each other and their attitudes towards the subject of conflict.
Constructive conflict communication involves positive attitude from both parties and a lot of compromise. Parties resolve to put the matter on the table and deliberate on it jointly, each presenting its views and fears. The end result is likely to be a win-win situation. In some cases, one party may decide to be submissive regardless of whether it is fair to them or not. Phrases like ‘I am sorry’ are often used in such a case, and a win-lose result is often the consequence. Conflict itself can be constructive in that it creates a platform where parties learn more about the other, especially in relationships, which helps in future peaceful coexistence.
Unproductive conflict co...
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