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Social Sciences
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Connection of Medicine to Patients' Illness (Essay Sample)


Health Psychology
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You are required to write a 2-page critique of the attached article: “Understanding the Scope and Practice of Behavioral Medicine in Family Medicine”.
NOTE: Your critique should address the following, with appropriate references (in accordance with the APA guidelines):
1. The objective and clarity of the paper, and the extent to which you consider this research topic to be important.
2. The methodology of the study, including strengths, limitations, and your suggestions for improvement.
3. The practical value and implications of the reported findings.
4. Your recommendations for future research.
Please submit your work as a Microsoft Word file (double-spaced, size 12 font, one-inch margins)


Health Psychology
Student’s Name
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Health Psychology
Objective and Study Significance
The research aims to determine the connection of behavioral medicine to the illness that patients display. Further, the study investigates the comprehension of the latitude and usefulness of behavioral therapy among academic family doctors. The report is important since it shows that behavioral medicine is used and valued by family physicians. Thus, the research elucidates on a clear issue that requires determination and affirmation. Behavioral therapy was valued differently when offering prevention and when treating psychiatric problems than medical diseases.
The study used a cross-sectional survey on family medicine occupants and faculty at nine of Florida's fourteen family medicine residency programs. The selected nine programs participated in the Florida Behavioral Health Research Consortium (FBHRC), a category for behavioral medicine section from Florida residency programs. The Consortium had reserved semiannual gatherings for professional help, sharing tutoring methods, and study collaboration. The explanation of the nine items was shown on the table. The FBHRC developed the survey tools after consultations among Consortium participants. The tool was pre-examined and reviewed by the residency program directors at every of the shared residency programs. The last instrument used was a four-page self-administered inquiry form wanting five minutes of completion. Demographic data was elicited, constituting gender, specialty, professional designation, and the completion of annual residency training.
The understanding of the term behavioral medicine is generally consistent with the most common definitions of the discipline. Most of the physicians reported that behavioral medicine techniques are used to prevent and treat physical and psychiatric illnesses. In addition, physicians reported to possess an "average to good" amount of knowledge of behavioral medicine and judged behavioral medicine techniques to be cost-effective and scientifically valid.
The study has two major limitations that should be regarded during the interpretation of results. First, the study respondents were a subsection of family doctors and residents in residency programs from a particular state; hence, this limited generalization of the outcomes. Second, although many respondents described behavioral medicine in standard terms, the study displays some evidence indicating some blurred boundaries of behavioral medication. On the other hand, the several methods applied in behavioral medicine were those connected to traditional psychotherapeutic grounds. Particular non-traditional methods (constituting acupuncture or massage therapy) were not included in behavioral medicine. Above of the doctors contradicted the findings that behavioral medicine is a form of CAM. In addition, the survey tools used were not clear in their validity and reliability (Burg & Sprui

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