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Contributions to Positive Social Change (Essay Sample)


Submit a 2- to 3-page paper that discusses a particular aspect of your chosen professional role within the context of social change. For example, you might discuss being a counselor who provides pro-bono counseling to abused women or being a sports psychologist who offers visualization training for at-risk youth involved in school sports.
Explain why you chose your particular example and why it is important to include an aspect of social change in both career and personal endeavors. Next, explain the particular web map of social activity that would result from your chosen example. Follow the examples given in the article, with your actual text being at least three paragraphs long. There is no need to create the actual web map diagram. Finally, find one scholarly article from the last 5 to 7 years, and explain how it informs your position.


Contributions to Positive Social Change
Contributions to Positive Social Change
Working as Human Resource Personnel/Advisor requires that one has the willingness to bring about positive social change within the organization or the society. Therefore, I would put my first foot forward in achieving the stated objectives. In the case, I would choose to collaborate with my fellow staff members in creating a team building session whereby the members can in the process receive some emotional motivation. We would choose a particular day and an efficient location then invite all the employees to be part of the initiative. The sessions would include another member training them on how to manage issues such as stress and conflict whenever they arise at the workplace.
The illustration provided above scores high on promoting skills of collaboration between the different human resources personnel and workers during the various activities. Different members of the staff shall be needed to provide the skills that they possess in better improving the nature of the firm. The activity also represents humane ethics because the nature of the activities is aimed at creating a healthy environment for those employees who work there. It represents having a concern about the well-being of the other employees within the organization to ensure they can be able to adapt within the firm.
In further pursuing the projects of empowering the employees with the necessary tools required in adapting better to the environment, more people and strategies shall be needed. The development of employees is critical and hence it may need an individual who can educate them on how to fight for the rights that border on advocacy. Also, when handling conflict and difficult situations, they will require training focused on providing them with skills to utilize systemic thinking whenever handling such situations. To understand progress attained in developing the various skills, participants will be required to document their opinions and that needs that they follow the basic rules of reflecting before they can put down into writing.
The activity proposed above provides some positive social change for the individuals who get involved. One of such changes is attained through the activity of team building. Mokhtarian & Mohammadi (2011) state that the interaction attained between personal traits and contextual aspects of social undertakings and situations can also be an influence on empowerment. The positive social change relates to bettering the social situations of the individuals while enhancing the development of the persons in various different aspects. Team building helps to make individuals engage in activities that are associated with collaborating with the different individuals in achieving the collective goals of the firm. The links of the efforts carried out by the members’ link in a manner that it exhibits group wisdom and gains more support from people who try to behave in an empowered manner.
By providing emotional inspiration for the employees, it helps in getting better outcomes whenever various activities are carried out by the organization. Psychological motivation can be associated with causing the ultimate individual’s

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