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Deviant Behavior (Essay Sample)


For each of the below deviant behaviors, which theoretical approach that we have discussed in this class (anomie/strain, social learning, control, labeling, phenomenology, warrior narratives, critical theories) do you feel best explains that type of deviance? Why? 1. Sexual Assault 2. Family Violence 3. Body Modification 4. Physical Disability 5. Scamming


Deviant Behavior
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Deviant Behavior
Deviant behavior is any act that does not conform to social norms in a society. Such actions are unacceptable to people’s ways of living and may include the following:
1 Sexual assault: sexual assault is an act where an individual forces another person to engage in a sexual act or sexually touches another individual without their consent or mutual agreement. A control theory approach can be best used to explain sexual assault as internal and external controls influence an individual to engage in sexual assault. Internal control is where an individual develops the thought to take advantage of another due to sexual feelings one has, while external control

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