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Harmful Effect of Media on Society (Essay Sample)


Harmful Effect with Media on Society
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In what way do you think that media has produced harmful effects on our society? If so in what ways? Which form of media, do you think is the most harmful and why?
The impact of the media, in its different ways can be both positive and detrimental on the larger society. On the one hand, it has great potential as a means of getting the word out and getting people thinking about pressing issues. However, technology can also aid in the dissemination of false information, destructive concepts, and stereotypes. This paper will explore on different ways through which media has been harmful to our society.
The media contributes to the perpetuation of sexism, which has for years harmed women. The media has changed the meaning of the word "feminism." the media's focus on feminism has had some positive outcomes, but there have also been negative outcomes, such as the proliferation of offensive remarks, sexist posts, sexist displays targeted on women, body shaming, slut shaming

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