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Economic growth (Essay Sample)


Economic Growth without Environmental Damage

Economic Growth without Environmental Damage
Alex Young
To the Chief Editor
March 20, 2014
Economic Growth without Environmental Damage
Economic growth is not a mirage nor a luxury but a requirement. Of late and through the development of mankind to present stages, he has exploited Mother Earth’s resources considerably which has been duly reflected in rapid changes and deterioration of the environment. In this paper, we try to answer whether it’s possible to maintain economic growth while taking care that the environment is not exploited and damaged. We ponder if this balance can be maintained or is it a myth. Man; since the time memorable has lived off what is provided by ‘Mother Earth’. Ever since his nomadic days and his progression from a gatherer to a farmer to an industrialist, he has needed resources. Economic growth has been a necessity to which, natural resources have to be tapped. To think of giving away this dependency for artificial luxuries and comforts is a myth. For this, the conventional energy sources that are needed is unarguable.
When we consider renewable of bio-degradable energy sources for our comfort, we hit a dead end. The applications of these energy sources are limited and do not cater to the ever growing demand for energy and raw resources. Agreed, the carbon print of these energy sources is relatively small but they are not an end to the means. The primary roadblock lies in the cost of such energy projects. There is a definite lack of will either economically, socially or politically for such projects. Also, the changes in such energy consumption habits require personal will and transition time. It is an illusion to expect users to move out of their comfort zone and adopt non-conventional energy in a democratic setup. (Manmohan, 2009)
If we consider tidal energy in particular, to meet the energy requirements and the economies of scale needed to carry out this feat; also, geothermal energy which is an established energy source, nature would have to be distorted. Tidal energy generation would require distortion in natural flow patterns, geothermal energy generation would require modifying of natural setup. Infrastructure needed to carry out this feat would be considerable. All of these would invariably have a negative impact on the environment. (Roman, 2011)
But even when we consider the non-conventional sources of energy which are often favored for environment friendly modes of energy generation, they have their limitations. The primary drawback lies in the cost of installation and the associated political will to implement the same. Any change requires a transition time. During this phase, people are required to forsake their self obsession and reach out of their comfort zone to support such endeavors. In a democratic set up, it would be a myth to expect a billion people to accept this. In particular, when we consider tidal energy, the very attempt to optimize the production and meet economies of scale, much distortion will have to be done to the natural course of the site (Roman, 2011). The same holds true for geothermal ene...
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