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Exchange of Freedom for Security and the Propaganda and Events in V for Vendetta (Essay Sample)


AMS 241 Midterm Assignment.
You will read V for Vendetta and analyze how freedom is exchanged for security. To accomplish this goal, you will need to formulate an argument based on information about the propaganda and events you learn about in V’s world (referring to specific pages in the book V for Vendetta) and compare them to propaganda and events in our world (referring to actual news sources).
Course Objective: Demonstrate knowledge of the role that popular culture has played in American mass society, its forms and methods of dissemination, and the political meanings beneath these traditions.
Your essay will be 4-5 pages, worth 20%. It is to be done in 12pt, New Times Roman font. It is to consist of a works cited page at the end and use MLA format.
V for Vendetta as outlined in the syllabus should be used. In addition: 1 scholarly article that discusses how freedom was traded for security using popular culture. Two pieces of propaganda (can be poster, film, article, etc..)
You should choose at least two events in American history (historical or current) when freedom was traded for security and how popular culture played a role.
The following questions will act as a guide for your essay:
The following questions will act as a guide for your essay:
· Do people trade freedom for security? If so, what factors influence them to do so?
· Did people in V’s world exchange freedom for security? If so, give examples.
· Was propaganda used in V’s world to restrict freedom? If yes, describe how.
· Did any events in USA history or the present caused Americans to trade freedom for security? If so, give two examples and discuss how.
· Did popular culture play a role? If so, how?


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V for Vendetta
           The world hosts many problems, disasters, and misfortunes today, and people are desperate to feel secure. Diseases, terrorist attacks, adverse climatic conditions, economic crises, and natural disasters plague humanity today. One will go the extra mile to assure themselves that their future is guaranteed and that they have hope for a better living. However, the cost of buying security and peace is often high. People sacrifice possessions, careers, and sometimes family to secure their futures. However, situations come where people sacrifice their freedom to earn security. Every person needs freedom today, for it helps them live and carry out their normal activities without hindrance. When a person sacrifices their freedom for a necessity, it means the necessity is worth the sacrifice. Security is a great resource, for it provides a safe environment for peace and prosperity. People today sacrifice freedom for security. The factors influencing such decisions include peace and political stability, food and job security, and healthy living. The presence of disasters, terrorist attacks, global pandemics, and economic crises pushes people to make sacrifices to feel better. Governments oversee the welfare of the nation and can do anything to ensure the people prosper and can meet their needs.
           The people in V's world exchanged freedom for security by accepting the Chancellor leading them. The country was marred 

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