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Research Design, Political Science Research, and Collecting and Analyzing Data (Essay Sample)


Reflect on what you already know about research design, writing and reading political science research, and collecting and analyzing data. Submit a 400-500-word essay that broadly addresses the following questions:
What makes a good research question?
How do political scientists answer their research questions?
What is the importance of theory in political science research?
What is data? Where does it come from, and how can we make sense of it?


Research Design
           Research design constitutes all the approaches, methods, and strategies used to carry out a specific study or answer research questions (McCombes, 2021). The design helps the researcher obtain the answers needed. Moreover, researchers need to collect quality data and correctly analyze it for accurate inferences. Therefore, a research design is a critical concept in research. A proper research design entails outlining research objectives, the design itself, the sampling and data collection methods, procedures, and data collection methods. The outlined elements enable a researcher to carry out a successful study (McCombes, 2021). Besides, the research design depends significantly on the research subject; therefore, one chooses their research design according to the nature and complexity of the study. For instance, experimentation study design 

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