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Fanon's The Wretched of the Earth (Essay Sample)


W‌‌‌‍‍‍‍‌‌‍‌‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‍rite a five (5) page, double-spaced essay. times new roman 12pt. At the outset of Wretched of the Earth, Fanon notes: “Now it so happens that when the colonized hear a speech on the Western culture they draw their machetes or at least check to see they are close at hand. The supremacy of white values is stated with such violence, the victorious confrontation of these values with the lifestyle and beliefs of the colonized is so impregnated with aggressiveness, that as a counter measure the colonized rightly‌‌‌‍‍‍‍‌‌‍‌‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‍ make a mockery of them whenever they are mentioned” (p. 8). Write an essay in which you critically analyzeFanon’s critique of the devastating role of Western culture and values on the plight of the colonized. What role does Fanon think that Western values have played in reinforcing the exploitation and subjection of the colonized? In what way is Fanon’s critiquea reflection of these very same values? Should such values be thrown out, revamped, or accepted in whole when it comes to the plight of the c‌‌‌‍‍‍‍‌‌‍‌‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‍olonized?


Fanon’s Thoughts on Decolonization
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Fanon’s Thoughts on Decolonization
Frantz Fanon enforces the idea that violence is the only means through which those colonized could have successful revolutions leading to absolute change in the “wretched of the earth.” Fanon’s analysis indicates that the Colonizer’s brutal and violent colonial rule only propagated and nurtured violent revolutions as the colonized communities aspired to regain their humanity through fierceness. “The wretched of the earth” traces the concept of “retributive violence” as the force driving the Algerian revolution and the global liberation movements among the colonized. While Fanon radically differs from the western values that see the oppression and exploitation of the colonized, his critique using redemptive violence to bring balance is no different from those of the colonizers. However, through Fanon’s critique, as will be seen, the western culture and values contributed significantly in facilitating the subjection and mistreatment of the colonized. 
The European country’s values of being an enlightened leader led to the exertion of their control on the African nations colonized and oppressed with such vehemence as to leave an unimaginable trail of death, suffering, pain, and losses across every land they crossed. Leading the world with fervor, but with that in violence and cynicism, the Europeans established themselves as murderously carnivorous (Fanon, 2007, p. 235). Fanon laments that Europe denied itself humbleness, tenderness, kindness, and modesty. Instead of embracing such values, they embraced individualism and capitalism, justifying their ill activities of oppressing other people. 
Fanon idealized that the colonizers thought and operated from the tenet that violence and repression were the only means to exert colonial rule. As such, colonial rule was maintained through violence, implying that the colonizers' natural state was vehemence and aggressiveness. It follows that the physical restructuring of the colonized communities' society could only be accomplished through violence (Majumdar, 2016). Violence was an effective means of maintaining control over the colonized, ensuring their subjection and the subsequent exploitation by the colonizers. The colonizers were able to establish geographical regions of the colonizers and the colonized. As expected, the colonized would be beaten to subjection and forced to live in abject poverty and lack. The colonizers would enjoy health, rich, clean resources, and the rich of nature in their regions, reaping maximally from local’s plight. 
In continuation, Fanon reasons that the colonial world is Manichean society, embracing the evil versus good duality with the colonialists standing for everything identifiable as good while the natives are evil. The good contrasts against the evil, the elites against the others, and the white against the dark. To make matters worse, the colonizers regard themselves as superior to the colonized such that they violently impose their values on the colonized. As such, anyone who opposes the liberal humanitarian values is regarded as non-human hence predisposed to mistreatment. The existence of the native culture conflicting with the European culture occurred within the larger framework of the colonizers exerting national oppression, promoting poverty among the natives, and inhibiting the growth of the native’s culture (Fanon, 2007, p. 191). All this was done through the demonization of the black’s culture such that the European culture became the ideal that the colonized desired. This contributed to the widespread exploitation of the colonized as they envied the white culture.
In continuation, the colonizers spread myths and used social order destruction to disorganize the natives allowing them to be colonized. The westerner’s capitalist values ensured the success of the colonization process as African socialism failed to succeed. The capitalist values were passed to the elite natives who were ready to defend the western values at the slightest provocation by the natives. Furthermore, the colonizers spread myths that painted the natives as savages comparable to animals presenting them as backward, saved, and evil (Obeng-Odoom, 2016). This stems from the national pride in the westerners s being superior to the third world nations. Furthermore, destroying the native social forms destroyed the existing frameworks that held the community’s values, destabilizing the native social orders. Individualism that prevented the colonizers from regarding the natives as people of equal standing was adopted by the native elites who betrayed their social and communalism values to embrace Westerners' ways. This helped establish a necessary system that would help permeate the colonizer’s rule among the natives aiding in the exploitation of the locals. 
Additionally, the national bourgeoisie aided in establishing the colonizers since it con

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