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Rice Crisis In The Philippines Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)




There can be only one conclusion from the recent Senate hearing on the crisis in garlic and rice: government agencies goofed. The Department of Agriculture, National Food Authority and the Department of Trade and Industry failed the Filipino people by messing up big time. When I was a police reporter we have a term for such failures: natutulog sa pansitan.
Let us hear it from Sen. Cynthia Villar, chair of the Senate committee on agriculture and food: “The cost of garlic at production cost is P40 per kilo while imported garlic is pegged at P17 per kilo with duty. How can P17 and P40 per kilo go up to P280 per kilo?” Actually, Mrs Villar, it isn’t just P280 a kilo but upwards from P350 in my own experience.
She continued: “The prices are too high. If you sell it at P100 per kilo, that’s understandable but P280 per kilo is too much.”
A representative of a supposed farmer’s group complained that imported garlic is cheaper at P50 per kilo compared to P100 per kilo farm gate price of local garlic. Sen Villar blamed traders for manipulating the prices of garlic.

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