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Sociology of Gender and Sexuality (Essay Sample)


This paper discusses how gender and sexuality influences children\'s growth and development.


Sociology of Gender and Sexuality
Sociology of Gender and Sexuality
According to sociologists, gender refers to the socially learned behaviors associated with being male or female while sex refers to a person's biological identity of being male or female. Sociologists differentiate sex from gender in order to study influences on sexuality without mixing up psychological and social aspects with the genetic/biological aspects. Gender differences influence nurturing of boys and girls in the society (Giddens & Griffiths, 2006). For instance, boys are treated roughly while girls are expected to be sweet, and treated with care. This essay explores the sociology of gender and sexuality.
After children acquire a firm sense of themselves as either male or female, they become aware of some gender stereotypes, insisting that some items of clothing or some activities are for boys, and others are for girls. In addition, parents reinforce some of these stereotypes by training boys to be responsible, independent, and confident. On the other hand, girls are treated in a polite manner. Moreover, some societies have a clear distinction of the roles associated with each gender (Rahman & Jackson, 2010). As a result, children grow up with a perception that some roles are for women and others men.
A number of gender differences are attributable to a person's genetic makeup. However, some gender differences vary by environment, society, and culture. As a result, they can be termed as social constructions. For example, women eating with men consume fewer calories than when eating with other women. Considering a workgroup situation in U.S, women focus mostly on personal relationships while men tend to pay more attention ...
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