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Gender Equality (Essay Sample)

the essay outlines the essence of appreciating diversity and for individuals being open minded to enhance gender equality source..
Gender Equality Student’s Name Institution Gender Equality The world is full of many cultures which have different cultural perspective. Culture refers to the attitudes, beliefs, values, attitudes, and prejudice that several people in a group share. There is a difference between culture and race or ethnicity. Understanding the ways and perspectives of different cultures promote understanding of how various groups globally say and do a thing. Several cultural groups share norms for behavior whereby they communicate using similar symbols to express themselves both verbally and non-verbally (Benerнa et al, 2015). Nevertheless, there are differences between how different cultures view and do their things. The difference sometimes results to cultural clashes or fundamental differences which sometimes account for miscommunication. An example is on the gender roles whereby different cultures have set different for how men and women should behave and dress. Every culture in their way has set precise gender roles that are acceptable among its members. There is a big problem to whoever violates the established standards, and it has created gender barriers. To overcome and understand such differences it is essential if people promote appreciation of diversity and be open-minded. The acceptable gender roles in our society determine gender equality in various cultures. Different cultures have a different view of what chores should be carried out by both men and women. More so, naturally, men and women think differently, and this results to their ways of doing things being different. There are some communities whereby the difference between the obligations of men and women have created gender inequality. The difference gender roles prevent more so women from enjoying the same rights as men. Some of these opportunities that women fail to take part include in economic participation and decision making. Learning and understanding cultural perspectives should not result in gender inequality and other problems. Otherwise, it should help us interact and handle issues whenever the cultural barrier arises. Cultural differences should not stem from discrimination such as gender inequality. Therefore, it is essential to propose ways to adapt and overcome such differences if different communities will have intercultural proficiency in their current roles. Appreciation of diversity is one way to promote gender equality. To enhance intercultural proficiency and ensure barriers to gender equality have been removed, people have to encourage appreciation of diversity. People in the community are required to appreciate the differences between them and how they do their things “Cultural Barriers”. People do things differently which might be okay to them but barbaric to others. It is important if people learn and appreciate diversity. Understanding each other helps in impacting each other positively. It is through appreciation of diversity that will make people especially men and women treat each other equally. Learning about stereotypes and breaking down in our behaviors helps in promoting ge...
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