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Global Warming Social Sciences Essay Research Coursework (Essay Sample)


What are the effects of global warming and how can we prevent carbon emissions


Global Warming
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Global Warming
Since the pre-industrial period of 1850 and 1900, human activity has significantly impacted the Earth's climate. The increasing population and industrialization have increased the consumption and use of natural resources such as fossil fuels to power industries and homes, contributing substantial amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The increasing amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses have resulted in global warming, referring to the gradual heating of the Earth's climate. For instance, September 2020 was the warmest in the 141-year record, with an increase of 0.97 degrees Celsius (CO2 Earth, 2020). Household pollution has also contributed to pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, therefore justifying a discussion on greenhouse gasses' effects on individual lives and corrective measures. This paper analyzes the effects of global warming and possible applicable measures to reduce the effects.
Effects of Greenhouse Gases
Health Effects

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