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Good Governance and Corporate Responsibility: The Role of the Leader (Essay Sample)


The task was on Good Governance and corporate responsibility. It test the understanding of ethics and corporate social responsibility


Good Governance and Corporate Responsibility: The Role of the Leader
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In recent years, a series of corporate failures and breakdowns of false accounting have dented people’s trust in the reports, corporate management, and corporations’ integrity. As such, the topic of good governance and corporate social responsibility have become mainstream issues. The idea of good governance has permeated the business world for years. With the phenomenon of globalization, responsible business behavior plays a central role in determining the success of a business while promoting sustainable practices. Good governance and corporate responsibility are beneficial to the corporation and society. For one, they improve society’s faith and confidence in a business. Analysis of business ethics and dilemma sheds light on the impact of corporate responsibility and good governance. Sustainability is a principal area that corporations focus on when it comes to good management and corporate social responsibility. The report will explore the role of the leader in the practice of good governance and social responsibility in a publicly or privately held company. In particular, the paper will try and answer the question: what role the leader plays in setting and influencing corporate responsibility?

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