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New Knowledge And Information: Highlighting On Methods Of Learning (Essay Sample)


Highlighting On Methods of Learning

Highlighting On Methods of Learning NAME INSTITUTION AFFILIATION Methods of Learning Learning is a diverse process and refers to the acquisition of new knowledge or information. Interestingly, there have been arguments that learning is a universal, incessant process that humanity interacts with each day of their lives. People learn differently depending on their abilities and capabilities, and the focus of this essay, is to try and analyze the various methods of learning, which are incorporated in the learning process. While there are various learning processes, research has shown that there is always one dominant method that favors one individual over the other (Dietterich & Michalski, 2013). The first method is the visual method, in which an individual relies on pictures, images or any other tools that utilize the visual abilities while learning. Secondly, there is the verbal learning, which is expressed through words, both oral and written as the dominant forms of learning in an individual. The aural, also known as auditory-music covers people who prefer to use music and sound as their method of acquiring information. Perhaps, this could be related to people who form rhythms, or artistic impressions among other aspects. Physical learning refers to the use of the body, with aspects such as common sense such as touch, feel, smell among other being used primarily as the modes of acquiring information. Logical learning refers to the use of reason, systems, and logic as the ...
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