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How to End World Hunger (Essay Sample)


The essay required three main ideas on how to end world hunger. My role was to come up with or identify and explain three approaches that I would use to end the global hunger problem. In addition, the essay needed an explanation of the three approaches and how each one of them would help with the global challenge.


How Would You End World Hunger?
How Would You End World Hunger?
Hunger pangs have been a humanity problem for decades. It is dangerous than having an empty belly since it involves an interconnection of systemic issues, including conflicts, economic inequalities, poverty, weak government systems, and climate changes, among others (End World Hunger: Solutions to Save Lives, 2021). Whether it is because of any of the above reasons or hazards like crop diseases making food scarce, the human population has had to deal with the problem one day after the other. Due to the many implications that world hunger has brought upon the human race, there is always a need for different stakeholders and policymakers to come up with approaches that can help alleviate the problem. Below are some of the efforts that different stakeholders may take to end world hunger.
The first idea of fighting and ending world hunger is educating people on the adoption of Climate Smart Agriculture. This is because the climate has a long-lasting impact on farming activities, in the process perpetuating global hunger (9 Solutions To Global Hunger To Get Us To 2030, 2020). Adopting Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) would allow farmers from farming communities to adapt to the less-predictable climates in their areas, allowing them to become more resilient with such examples as the diversification of crop varieties, using low-water suck gardens, and other conservation agriculture practices. Having been under trials and implementation in such countries as Malawi, Climate Smart Agriculture would be among the right ways of coping ("Being climate smart: When coping is all you can do | Concern Worldwide", 2020).


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