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Importance of Coral Reefs (Essay Sample)


the was generally about the importance of coral reefs. the instructions required a comprehensive analysis and discussion of the social an d economic importance of the coral reefs. the instruction strictly required positive discussion with no negative point about coral reefs. Additionally, the paper required in text citation from a provided article.


Importance of Coral Reefs
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Importance of Coral Reefs
Coral reefs can be primarily referred to as the rock segments found in the ocean bed formed due to the piling of dead sea animals and plants over a long time. Piling and compaction of the dead plants and animals result in a hard rock formation, usually rich in calcium. Coral reefs have both social and economic importance. This paper will elaborately discuss the social and economic importance of coral reefs.
Coral reefs have ensured a continuous supply of food to humans. Coral reefs are usually the leading food to aquatic animals such as fish, crabs, and octopuses (Cabral & Geronimo, 2018). By continuously supplying food to marine animals, there is an increase in the number of fish and other edible sea animals, ensuring a constant supply of food to humans (Golden et al., 2021). Additionally, coral reefs provide an ample breeding ground for the aquatic animals by creating shelter from the strong influence of waves which facilitates reproduction, ensuring a continuous supply in the number of edible marine animals (Cabral & Geronimo, 2018).
Scientifically, coral reefs have been used in manufacturing drugs. Through medical research, extracted have been used to manufacture essential medicines for chronic diseases like arthritis and heart diseases (Golden et al., 2021). Other important organic compounds have also been used to treat lugs-related diseases (Cabral & Geronimo, 2018).
Coral reefs act as safety barriers along the coastlines. Cora reefs have aided mainly in reducing the impacts of the erosion of waves along the coastlines. Additionally, coral reefs also helped mitigate the eff

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