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Incident and Command Response Structure (Essay Sample)


As security director for your organization, you are responsible for developing an incident and command structure for response to emergencies at your site.
Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word critical incident manual that could be provided to responder personnel for use in an incident.
Create an incident and command response structure for all emergency or public service agencies in your state, such as police, fire, medical, and so forth.
Ensure the minimal components are included to 4 levels.:
Include all general information personnel would need for rapid activation and deployment:
An organizational chart for the incident command structure
The personnel or positions for each function
An explanation of the difference between a crisis, a disaster, and an emergency
A table of the 16 critical infrastructure sectors
A list of the vital Incident Command System forms necessary for the Incident Action Plan (IAP) with a descriiption of the purpose of the form


Critical Incident week 6
Student Name
Critical Incident week 6
The purpose of the paper is to create a critical incident manual that will help the responder personnel for application in a particular incident. The manual will serve nearly all emergencies in public agencies. In addition, the paper will explain the minimal components, including operations, planning, administration, and logistics. However, the manual is not limited to a particular agency but applies to general information personnel in any agency. There is an explanation of the organizational chart for an incident command structure and position for each function. It will also differentiate crisis, disaster, and emergency and include sixteen critical infrastructure sectors. Lastly, there is an explanation of a vital Incident Command System (ICS) form list.
Organizational Chart
Occurence Commander

Enlightment Officer

Safety Official 

Liason OfficialPlanning



Operational Department
Positions for Each Function
The first position in the ICS is the incident commander. The incident commander controls all incidents (, 2017). The second position is the PIO. The duties of the PIO include gathering, verifying, and coordinating meaningful and timely information on internal and external incidences. PIO monitors the media information to collect only relevant data from conveying it to the incident management organization. The officer also participates in planning meetings (, 2017). The third position is safety officer in the ICS. The functions of the safety officer 

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