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Discuss LGBTQIA inequality. Social Sciences Assignment. (Essay Sample)


Discuss LGBTQIA inequality


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Controversies and Debates about LGBTQI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) individuals have taken place in societies for a long time. Homosexuality has been in US society for a long time, and a controversial social issue at the same time transgender men and women live in the community, where transgender men were biologically born as a woman but become. In contrast, a transgender woman was biologically born as a man but became a woman. Gays are homosexual men, while lesbians are homosexual women. LGBTQI (lesbian, gay, transgender, queer and intersex life) individuals are collectively under sexual orientation. LGBTQI issue has led to social and economic inequality based on sexual orientation. Conceptual questions are a problem in establishing the extent of homosexuality, like what if someone is identified as homosexual but engages in heterosexual, or how does it feel being a lesbian or a gay? The empirical problem cannot establish the individuals who fit in homosexuality. It is difficult to establish an empirical number of homosexual individuals. Cultural, social, biological, and health factors have contributed to homosexuality (Keener et al., 2017). People have different judgments and views on sexual orientation, which has led to the rise of inequality and sexism. This inequality has led to violence, employment discrimination, exclusion from joining military service. Besides the negativity of society geared towards homosexuality, there are ways in which the lives of LGBTQI individuals can be improved in society, through organizations, setting up social inclusion strategies for everyone in society.

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