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Recruitment and monitoring processes Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Write a two page essay on Recruitment and monitoring challenges faced by most non-profit organizations and developing agencies


Recruitment and monitoring processes in relation to youth workforce.
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Recruitment and monitoring are one of the challenges faced by most non-profit organizations and developing agencies. The organizations and agencies focusing on youth workforce have tried to simplify data into useful tools. This essay intends to explain the recruitment and monitoring processes in relation to youth workforce. It gives reasons as to why youth recruitment and monitoring fail or work and measure the level of benefits and importance. It gives weaknesses of the programmes that involve employment and monitoring of youth workforce.
The youth workforce employment programmes involve five processes which include: employment services, skills training, employment creation, integrated programmes, and other services. Recruitment and monitoring in workforce are based on policy making and focus on outcomes rather than just outputs and inputs. Skills training while focusing on their curriculums improves recruitment of the youth as it enhances productivity, knowledge, and abilities.

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