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Negative Impacts of Global Warming Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


The assignment entailed assessing the negative impacts of global warming on the environment, plants, animals, humans, and economic prosperity.


The Negative Impacts of Global Warming
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The Negative Impacts of Global Warming.
Global warming refers to the rapid surge in the atmospheric temperature as a result of increased greenhouse emissions that destroy the ozone layer. The high levels of greenhouse emissions emanate from the overreliance on fossil fuels in industrial and transportation activities, poor waste disposal and management, and heightened deforestation activities. Consequently, the greenhouse gases gradually destroy the ozone layer, paving way for direct ultraviolet rays that rapidly heats up the atmosphere. Global warming has resulted in extreme weather conditions, facilitated a rise in ocean levels, and threatened biodiversity.
Global warming has propagated a rise in sea levels, which threatens the safety of individuals staying along coastlines. The rising ocean temperatures are melting ice caps and glaciers worldwide, which increases the ocean levels. Besides, warmer water temperatures have propagated the expansion of water mass, resulting in a rise in ocean levels which endangers the neighboring coastal cities and low-lying islands, for instance in Hurricane Sandy (Ortega & Taṣpınar, 2018). The rising ocean levels increase the risk of tornadoes, cyclones, and hurricanes that can result in loss of life and property along the coastline.

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