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Barriers to Democracy Social Sciences Essay Research (Essay Sample)


Barriers to Democracy


Barriers to Democracy
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Barriers to Democracy
Developing countries entered a period of massive and profound optimism following the Cold War. This period led to the establishment of political and social democracies to pursue economic and social development (Katchanovski, 2017). Political democracy allows political participation in the selection of leaders and the adoption of economic policies. It also accepts extensive and meaningful competition among citizens for various positions of government. Besides, political democracy provides citizens with some degree of civil and political liberties to ensure integrity in political activism and competition (Tomz & Weeks, 2020; Felicetti, 2020). Conversely, social democracy aims to peacefully establish socialism through instituted political processes instead of social revolution. Third world countries have actualized democratic transition through the attempts that elites make to overthrow non-democratic regimes. These attempts face a myriad of hindrances, including institutional, societal, and mediating problems.

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