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Social Changes-Solution to American Social Problems Social Essay (Essay Sample)


Solution to american social problems


Social Change-Solution to American Social Problems
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The American society cannot solve all its social problems at once due to limited resources. Therefore, it is important to decide on the social problem to be solved. Several social problems such as gender inequality, poverty, racial discrimination and inadequate social healthcare services happen at the society level. Besides recognizing societal and local problems, there is increased global social problems such as world population where many people across the globe are not having sufficient food, access to require to medical care and adequate land to for agricultural production. Therefore, a social problem occurs at local, societal or worldwide level. Social problem occurs when there is a perception and empirical evidence proving the social conditions combined at global, local or societal level leading to personal problems. To address the problems, some activist and sociologist can up firm to articulate their ideas forcing the government to respond. Larry Kramer, is one of the activists who helped the America to solve some of her problems.
Larry Kramer
Laurence David Kramer (Larry Kramer) was born on 25th June 1935 in Bridgeport US. He was an American gay right activist, American playwright and screenwriter who had a confrontational mechanism of advocacy (Long, 2003). He was divisive and credited by most people for speeding the responses to HIV/AIDS crisis in United States. In 1957, Kramer graduated from Yale with a bachelor’s Degree in English. For six months prior to getting a position in the mail room of William Morris Agency, Kramer served as US Army Reserve for six months in 1958. He commenced his teletype operation and copywriter at Columbia Pictures. Larry was the founder member of a militant group called Act Up (AIDS Coalition to Unlash Power), calling for a speed research in the drugs for AIDS and ending discrimination against gay men and lesbians. The actions disrupted the operation of the government, Roman Catholic hierarchy and Wall Street. On 27th May 2020, Larry died of pneumonia after living for 84 years.

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