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Racial Profiling Social Sciences Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Write a paper of two (2) to three (3) pages. APA citation. Read the decision found at According to that court and three (3) outside sources (other than your text), what methods can be shown to demonstrate racial profiling? Are there other classes that would or might fall under similar protection? If so, what criteria might be used to demonstrate unlawful profiling was actually occurring?


Profiling of Constitutionally Protected Classes
Racial profiling is a common subject of discussion in the context of police stops and searches. It involves the discriminatory practice by members of law enforcement agencies targeting people with particular racial identities for suspicion that they have committed a crime (Legewie, 2016). This discussion looks at the issue of racial profiling and the methods used to show its existence in law enforcement. To prove that unlawful profiling has taken place in the enforcement of the law, there needs to be sufficient data collected and analyzed systematically following accepted analytical methods.
In the case of the State of New Jersey v Anthony Ballard and Tony Maurice McCoy, the judges agree that based on the provided information, there is sufficient proof that police officers need to treat all people with uniformity. In the case, the court, upon listening to the various arguments presented to them in the case concludes that there is adequate basis demonstrated in each case there is selective enforcement in motor vehicle laws. In other words, the defendants in the case are entitled to further find out whether racial bias was the reason for their arrest and indictment for the offenses that they are charged with. However, the disparity in cases involving people of color and the whites shows that indeed racial profiling has been playing a role in law enforcement.

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