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Inequality in Society and its Sociology and Religious Understanding (Essay Sample)


A title page;
Well-developed introductory paragraph explaining the purpose of the essay and briefly referencing some of the main points/contentions offered in the essay;
The body of the essay should consist of your effort to best answer the primary questions from the assignment prompt and should consist of 500-750 words (at least 2 to 3 pages of double-spaced, 12-point font of text). Though the method by which this is done is largely up to you, it is essential that the responses to the questions in the prompt be based upon scholarly readings and should remain at all times defensible (in an academic sense). You have a great deal of information to draw from in creating your essay, including the assigned readings and hyperlinked sources in the module notes. As is the case with every assignment in SOC101, presenting any unsubstantiated, illogical, or indefensible position will have an adverse effect on the final grade. Please direct any questions regarding these expectations to the instructor;
A concise concluding paragraph that briefly restates both the purpose of the essay as well as some of the primary argument offered by you, the essay’s author. Be sure the concluding paragraph does not introduce new information;
A list of all sources consulted the preparation of the essay. The essay should be formatted according to APA-style documentation (Links to an external site.). This includes the format of the list of references.


Inequality in the Society and its Sociology and Religious Understanding
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Inequality in the Society and its Sociology and Religious Understanding
Social inequality stands for the disparities present in the circulation of economic income and assets as well as among the general luxury and quality of lives for every person in a society. Economic inequality on the other hand is led by the uneven wealth accumulation (Banks, 2007). However, the existence of social inequality is because the dearth of wealth in particular areas excludes these individuals from accessing similar services in health care, housing, and more other primary wants. This is because the access of such social goods totally relies on the wealth status. Social inequality links to various other inequalities; wealth, gender, and racial. This retrospective paper seeks to explore inequality as a social issue and how sociology concepts and knowledge are useful curling its effects in the society.
This topic has gained its prominence through media as many cases of inequality have been reported both in newspapers, Television, and social media, and that is how I came to know about it. The manner by which individuals socially behave, using sexist and racist practices, and other kinds of discrimination in the society seems to trickle down and influence the prospects that the wealth people create for themselves.

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