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Principles of Ethics: Fundamental Human Rights Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


6 fundamental human rights: The Right to Life, the Right to the Freedom from Harm, the Right to Free Thought, the Right to Free Movement, the Right to Freedom from Slavery, and the Right to Equality of Opportunity.


Principles of Ethics: Fundamental Human Rights
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Principles of Ethics: Fundamental Human Rights
Fundamental human rights refer to the basic rights and freedoms, which are every individual of the society, is entitled to from birth to death. The requests are founded on shared values such as dignity, justice, equality, honor, and independence. The costs are defined and well enshrined in the law. Note that human rights are inherent to all people irrespective of background, race, nationality, gender, religion, and language. Some of the fundamental human rights include the right to life, right to free thought, right to free movement, freedom from slavery, equality of opportunity, and freedom from harm. 
Right to life
The right to life is protected by Article two of the Human Rights Act in that all people are an equal right to live, and nobody, including a government, is supposed to kill anyone. However, a debate about the right to life has been contested when drawing the concepts of capital punishment, abortion, euthanasia as well as unjustified police brutality into consideration (Ojanen, 2016). Such situations have threatened the sanctity of life as well as the right to life.
Right to free thought

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