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Introduction to Law Enforcement Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Research a police department in the United States that has created a program specifically designed to uncover and prevent youth violence in their respective community. Explain in detail the various components of the program and whether or not is has been successful. What ideas can you offer that might enhance the program? [MO6.2] Your paper should be 750 words (approximately 3 pages) in length, not including references. Please use APA format for citations.


Intro to Law Enforcement
Violence is an expression used to recount actions involving bodily force aiming to wound, damage, or do away with someone or something. As years elapse youth violence has become a big challenge to society as the increased death rate among the youth is a result of youth violence or rather brutality. Brutality among the youth can include gang-related violence, threats, bullying among others. Peer pressure is a key factor contributing to the violence In youths, sometimes the youths in these groups who don't indulge in the violence might feel inferior and the pressure coming to them to prove themselves in one way or another make them get involved in violence. Youth violence can result in many negative things. Brutality kills, wounds, and expensive to handle. It also has long term effects that can occur to the victim either mentally, physically, health-wise among others.
Youth violence also affects societies in crucial ways. It leads to the disruption of normal routines of running businesses, schools, and therefore straining the society's assets. It also leads to damage to properties and social investments. To curb and reduce the increased violence among the youths in their particular communities, youth violence programs have been initiated (Miller, Culyba, Paglisotti, Massof, Gao, Ports & Jones, 2020). For instance, in the United States, the New York City police department lays out programs or rather strategies for young people to reduce youth violence, ensure child security, and perfect the relationships between the police and young people

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