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For The Love of Money Is the Source of All Evil (Essay Sample)


How is the love of money the beginning of all evil? cite from at least four sources


For The Love of Money Is the Source of All Evil
For The Love of Money Is the Source of All Evil
"For the love of money is the source of all evil…." (Timothy 6:10, KJV). Obviously, money as a means of exchange is no more a source of evil that it is the source of good for it is the essential standard against which goods, raw materials and services get relatively prized and consequently is the sine qua non of civilizations of any kind whatsoever. The love of money can obliterate lives. Not only monies by themselves, but their yearning in an extreme manner. This avarice can destroy persons, wreck homes and even crumble nations. In this essay, I am going to expound on this statement, showing how money has continually showed its dark side by leading to all forms of evil.
When the worship of material possessions, societal status and political authority serve as the driving forces behind one’s desire for money, then such an individual risks their values becoming rooted in evil (Hickman, 2007, p. 54). Time and again, people make money their god influencing their actions and decisions in life. The underlying determinant, however, is whether money, in such a case, is in command of the person or the person commands money. Vividly, when money controls the person, then that is the source of harm and evil for the person.
Factually, money makes the world spin round. It is the means through which people haggle and acquire food, water, shelter, travel and education; just about anything and everything in life possess a price tag (Wright, Cullen, Agnew, & Brezina, 2001, p. 254). Money is the reward for work allowing enjoyment of the good things in life. Then again, it is said "every person has a price provided it is the right price" (Fagan & Fowler, 1963, p. 132). Myriads of nations globally can attest to financial corruption, from both the proud and rich to the modest and unfortunate, more so in their public sectors. Britain, for instance, in recent years had a Chancellor of the Exchequer who divulged a budget secret prior to the relaying of information to the general public all for financial gain (Hickman, 2007, p. 57).
Money can purchase vice. Money can indoctrinate selfishness. There is certainty in the declaration that the more money a person piles up, the more penurious they get. Evidently, it is tricky to articulate whether this is a matter of "post ergo propter hoc”. Money confers authority and power; infinitely vast power corrupts (Houdmann, 2002). In this aspect, an arrogant autocrat is no better than an insistent business tycoon. Most crimes are perpetrated for money or pillage- its equivalent. The love of money inspires fortification racket gangs, bootleggers in prohibited countries, dope-peddlers, bandits who rob violently, hoodlums, extortionists, bank robbers, and a swarm of other denizens of the human criminal world.
Indubitably, the crux of the issue is the individual's stance towards money. When m...
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