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Maryland v. Buie Social Sciences Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Read and brief Maryland v. Buie. It is provided in the Module 4 - Extra Credit course materials. After reading this case, thoroughly review your case brief template and the Case Briefing Rubric I have previously provided to you. As always for briefs, the Case Briefing Rubric sets forth how I will grade this assignment. Submit your brief only after you have thoroughly reviewed it for the required content and also for errors in formatting, citations, sentence structure, grammar, and/or spelling. These will also factor into your score for each category.
samples of cases to be used were provided.


Review of Maryland v. Buie
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Case Title: Maryland v. Buie, 494 U.S. 325 (1990), No. 88-1369.
Prior History:
Police obtained arrest warrants
Execution of warrant
Defendant arrested
Acquisition of additional evidence
Trial court-motion to suppress running suit denied
Intermediate appellate court- acknowledged the denial of the suppression motion
Court of appeals- reversed
Granted (Rule of 4)
Defendant and an accomplice attacked Godfather Pizza Inn Maryland's Prince Georges’ County on February 2, 1986.
Police obtained warrant arrest for the two
Execution of warrant at Buie’s house

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