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Mechanism of Narcissism According to Freud (Essay Sample)


Narcissism according to Freud


Narcissism according to Freud
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Narcissism Overview
If you take a quick look at what is going on social media, you may end up believing that narcissism has invaded the world, at least the digital world. Mental health experts agree that narcissism is becoming more prevalent and visible in everyday life. It is not surprising that selfies have spread on social media to become commonplace among the current generation. So, what's narcissism? There have been many concepts and definitions about narcissism over the years, but here we will mention the concept of narcissism according to Freud. The idea of narcissism comes from the narcissus story in antiquated Greek folklore. Narcissus is the child of a divine being. He experienced passionate feelings for his appearance in the water. Today, the general comprehension of narcissism goes from inordinate interest or deference for oneself and one's appearance to narrow-mindedness, which incorporates privilege, absence of sympathy, and reverence. As per Freud, he was an Austrian nervous system specialist. furthermore, the originator of analysis, a clinical technique for treating psychopathology through discourse among patients and psychoanalysts. He composed the full article "On Narcissism: An Introduction (1914)" regarding the matter, wherein he clarified the component and elements of narcissism, the connection between narcissism, and sexual longing, and its job in the mental improvement of the person. (Michael, Shulman. 2018)

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