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Movie review. Africans in America video review. Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Review the video-“journey through Slavery: Africans in America: Revolution Part 2” After viewing the video, you are to write a 2- full page video review on the support the American government provided through formal documents that helped keep African/American enslaved and its effect. discuss how Washington and Jefferson aid in the enslavement of black people in American and how did the revolution give African American a chance at fleeing American enslavement to live among the British?
all reviews should be double spaced times new Roman font style 12 1in top bottom right and left margins. the last page should be used as a reference page and the video cited.


Africans in America video review
Africans in America Video Review.
Africans in America: Journey through slavery, a four-part documentary focuses on the history of slavery in the United States. The film was produced and directed by Bagwell, S. Bellows, W. Noland, J.Jones, and L.Smith. The subject matter of Part 2 of the film is on Revolution and the freedom of slaves in America.
Formal documents by the American government supported the slavery of Africans. Article IV, section 2 of the United States Constitution guaranteed individuals the right to repossess any person held to labor (U.S Department of the Interior National Park Service) Therefore, the right indirectly promoted slavery of Africans in America. 

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